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7 November 2002

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Getting priorities right


When oil prices fell from around $110 per barrel in June, 2014 to almost half by the end of the year, a few sections of Oman's construction industry had raised...


Diversifying investment

Residents in the Middle East are yet to explore investment opportunities in multiple geographic and product sectors, making themselves exposed to the ....



The Swiss Splendours

Muhammed Nafie joines a GCC media team exploring the 'Grand Train Tour of Switzerland' and comes back surrendering to the temptation of majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, verdant valleys...



Eco solutions

With its recent foray into LED lights, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has further strengthened its regional Eco Solutions business...


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Ruwad :: English


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Connexion 2014


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Real Estate

The grey area of measurement

Measurement of area is critical in real estate since selling prices and rental rates are usually based on this measurement. For a buyer to compare two different...



Mazda CX-5 production reaches one million units

Mazda Motor Corporation announced recently that the cumulative production of the Mazda CX-5 globally has surpassed one million units. In just three years


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The Woman
You're sure to find your shade in the latest issue of The Woman - Oman's first bi-lingual women's magazine.
.. More

Progress 2015-2016
The Blessed Renaissance which began in 1970 has transformed the Sultanate of Oman into a dynamic and progressive...  More

OER Dossier The Power of Business Intelligence
The first bilingual monthly B2B magazine focusing on the industries in Oman and other GCC countries' distributed across... More

Oman - A Nation On The Move 1970-2013
The ninth edition of OMAN - A Nation on the Move 1970-2013' the bi-lingual publication' celebrates the 43rd National Day and salutes His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.... More


Jawharat Oman
One doesn't need to be born as a super hero but unrelenting dedication and focus can make one a real life hero. It is the power of human spirit that makes ordinary people do extraordinary things... More

Alam Aliktisaad Walamaal
Omans first & only Arabic business magazine. It is well known for its high-quality' timely' and relevant editorial coverage... More

Signature is Omans exclusive luxury lifestyle magazine for the discerning few - that is' people like you. Its your definitive guide to THE GOOD LIFE! It's where you'll find local' regional and international luxury living trends. Get your copy of Signature' it's only for the successful few Signature - Your Essential Luxury Resource

Oil & Gas Review
Oil & Gas Review is an authoritative information and analytical resource on the major developments' and national and international companies operating in the GCC countries upstream' midstream and downstream sectors in the oil & gas and petrochemicals industry. With a bi-monthly frequency' it showcases the developments of GCC's oil and gas industry' the trends and future through cutting edge reportage and extensive analysis.

Ruwad is a quarterly bi-lingual magazine published by United Press & Publishing and supported by Intilaaqah and Sharakah. The magazine is dedicated to the information needs of start-up' small & medium scale businesses. Ruwad provides information on the latest statistics' opportunities in the market and business trends. Ruwad also provides matchmaking opportunities that link people with common ideas together. Targeted at the young entrepreneurs' it covers this niche market that deserves special attention.

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The ghost of Lehman Brothers

International banking changed forever on September 15, 2008, the day Lehman Brothers, Wall Street’s fourth largest investment bank...


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